Price List

Portraits in Studio

Digital Session  Fee $300
unlimited poses
session typically takes an hour

8x10 Film Session
$500 hour

8x10 $75
11x14 $150
16x20 $250
24x 30 $500

larger Prints available 
on Request

Digital files
(editorial resolution jpgs)
$200 per image 

out of studio 
portraits available
priced on location

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Fine Art Prints

Black &White
Hand printed Darkroom
prints on fiber paper
8x10 $400
16x20 $900

B&W or Color
on Glass
8x10 $200
11x14 $400
16x20 $600
24x30 $900

B&W or Color
Gyclee Prints

8x10 $200
11x14 $400
16x20 $600
24x30 $900

For weddings, corporate or editorial work
call for information